Races of Alganon

In Alganon, gods aren't legends, they are a critical part of the story, lore, and gameplay. Nearly every action performed in Alganon can trace its cause back to the will of the gods. Players who seek to learn the lore of Alganon will find a rich and vibrant history centered around these powerful beings.

Each Deity is more than just a representation of a different theme, they are complex characters that form personal relationships with each other and with the players. For the Asharr there are the God of Creation, and the Goddesses of Fire and Life. For the Kujix there are the Gods of Change, Conflict, and Knowledge. Each Deity has unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as a unique personality.

Deities are represented throughout the world by temples and devoted followers that provide services to patrons. These temples are a common source of quests, items, and training.

The Asharr Return to Top

The sworn enemy of the Kujix, the Asharr have represented Order, Obedience, and Protection. Embracing the ways of light, nature, heart, and mind, they represent the most powerful warriors in the land that wish to take up arms against Chaos and Destruction.

The Asharr culture is very refined and sophisticated. They prefer lighter materials, bright emblems, and bright reflective surfaces. They prefer things that are clean and organized.

The more powerful a member of the Asharr, the brighter their eyes glow.

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Humans Return to Top

The protectors of the lands, Humans are very versatile specialize in everything from melee combat to ranged and magical combat. With a rich history and deep ties to the Asharr, Humans are found all over the world, with Asheran being their home city.

While the humans are hated by many races throughout the world, namely the Gnolls, Ogran, and Hogsnouts, the true rivalry lies between the Humans and the Talrok, a race of which the Humans despise. Talrok feel the same about Humans, and when members of both races come into proximity, there is usually blood.

Humans are known as the founders of the Asharr as well as the creation of the Asheran Protectorate and Ardonya Guard factions.

Introduction and History

Created in the Second Age by the god Argon, the Humans have a long and harsh history in the world of Alganon. While they built Asheran in the Third Age and created alliances with the Sylvain and Dronar, the Humans were brought to the brink of extinction during The Great War of the Forth age. With only a handful left after the war, the Humans led the rebuilding of Asheran and the decision not to re-establish relations with the races of Harraja. The human Emperor Auis Talon Kesranu I created the Asharr in 122 DE, beginning a new age of peace, order, and law.

Shortly after the foundation of the Asharr the Humans declared war against the new Ogran and Gnoll races, endorsing their complete genocide. However, before they could finish the job, the Undead Invasion came upon the world, forcing the Humans to re-focus their efforts to protect their people and cities.

It was during this time that the Humans re-established a relationship with their creator Argon. It is said that this change in support among the gods was the spark that caused the Deities to split their allegiances between those of Order and Chaos.

Towards the end of the Sixth age, the Humans were instructed by Argon to welcome the new Kodian into the world, and protect them. The humans obeyed, bringing the Kodian into the arms of the Asharr organization. Shortly after the Kodian joined, the Skitter Infestation began, and once again, all of the Asharr races were brought forth to fend off a single enemy.

With the defeat of the Undead and the Skitters, Human ego had grown excessively, leading to the beginning of The War of Conversion.

Humans have become a proud and confident race and hold themselves as the core of the Asharr.

The Kujix Return to Top

The Kujix represent Chaos, Assertion, and Conquering. They feel that power is obtained by conquest and conflict naturally determines the strong from the weak.

The Kujix have a very dark culture; both in teachings and in representation. They utilize dark stone and crystals in their structures, and harness the power of subterranean sources such as volcanoes.

The more powerful a member of the Kujix, the more darkness emanates from their eyes.

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Talrok Return to Top

A dark and powerful race, the Talrok hold themselves to be the chosen of the gods, fortified with the duty of spreading the ways of their culture throughout the world. Often considered as the counterpart to Humans, the Talrok loathe what some would say are their distant relatives. Versatile in the ways of magic and combat, the Talrok are accepted among all classes of Kujix.

With history dating back to the creation of their capital city Xanjuix Karr, the Talrok are also responsible for the creation of the Kujix.

The Talrok have a hatred for anything Human or Sylvain. This includes the races that offer support, such as the Sprites and Wisps.

Creators of the world-known Xanjuix Karr Regime and Xhajix Drekk factions, the Talrok are extremely well connected throughout the world with numerous other races and organizations bent on the downfall of the Humans, Sylvain, and Asharr Their dark nature makes them exceptional Assassins.

Introduction and History

Created in the middle of the Second Age by the god Vakgarr, the Talrok have a unique history in the world as being the "true prophets" for the gods, charged with the duty of spreading the word of the gods and forcing tribute while protecting the interests of the gods they served. Inherently deceptive and dark in nature, the Talrok were often shunned by other races, but the gods they represented ensured the other races pay tribute to these entrusted servants.

To prove their versatility to the other races, the Talrok created the capital city of Xanjuix Karr, a modern wonder carved from the black rocks of the Kalzak Range.

It was during The Forth Age, the War of Darkness, the Talrok's abilities to fight and utilize magic began to flourish. While they had the help of the Ogres and Vesperlings during the siege of Xanjuix Karr, the Talrok were the true saviors of the capital city, sacrificing themselves by fighting to the death.

After the War of Darkness was complete and The Fifth Age of history began, the Talrok appointed the first ever Emperor of Harraja, a powerful individual by the name of Xinjuk Rox. His first order of business was to create the elite group of protectors for the new empire, called the Kujix, and utilize this new group to police the continent of Harraja to ensure all members of the empire conformed with the will of the gods.

Soon, the Talrok could not keep up with the population boom that followed the war and were losing disciples in great numbers. Many gods were now being worshipped, and as the anger grew between the gods, so did the anger between the different factions of Talrok. When the gods created the Fiends the Talrok felt betrayed, and began to focus on ruling the Kujix to the best of their abilities.

After the Undead Invasion and Skitter Infestation, the Talrok headed the exploration of the world beyond the boundaries of Harraja, resulting in the founding of Xajas Vaxx in Ardonya.

It is said the Talrok were single-handedly responsible for the start of The War of Conversion but the Talrok claim it was the arrogant Humans. Self-centered and confident to the point of sheer arrogance, the Talrok hold themselves in the highest regards and as the center of power for the Kujix.

The Ourobani Return to Top

For years, the Ourobani have been scarce throughout much of Alganon. Few have ventured out to use their knowledge of the ancient portal system to help others, but most have stayed secluded. They have been lying in wait until the time came for them to regain their position as a powerful faction in Alganon. That time has finally come.

Though the Ourobaniís rise has begun, it is still early in their ascent. Instead of continuing to wait in the shadows for the time when the Ourobani can completely crush their adversaries, they have started using the power of their enemies as assets. The Ourobani have allied themselves with the Humans and Talrok of Alganon. They use both sides of the war to promote their own rise to power and expedite the collapse of their enemies.

Ourobi Return to Top

The Ourobani's goal has always been to bring back their lost god by opening every portal in Alganon. Instead of quietly spreading their portals across the land, they have changed their tactics, collapsing nearly all of the portals and beginning their slow ascent to rise up as the most prominent race in Alganon by defeating the Kujix and Asharr through force and manipulation.
To make sure they can accomplish their goal unimpeded, the Ourobi have turned to temporarily assisting the Asharr and Kujix. By utilizing the economies of both factions and assisting one when the other gains too much power, the Ourobi are stunting the growth of the other races of Alganon while promoting their own.

Introduction and History

During the Second Age, the Age of Devastation, the gods created new races to replace the failed Colossus-born which had sundered the surface of the world in their war with the gods. Among these races were the Dronar, a very large race who were given a passion for building structures and harvesting metals from the earth. The gods gifted a series of portals known as the Infinite Circle to the Dronar to hasten their reconstruction of Alganon and Ouroban was charged with keeping these portals open.

Once the deities began to split into two factions, both sides demanded that the portals be closed to remove an advantage for their opposition. Ouroban refused, for he had seen more than any other god during his travels through the Infinite Circle and began to gather more information about Alganon and beyond than the other gods never would have imagined. His rejection of their demands would eventually lead to his death. The mortals do not know how the battle was fought, and the deities do not speak of the details, but Ouroban was no more and the portals were closed.

The followers of Ouroban, now calling themselves the Ourobi, began reopening all the portals in Alganon. They believed that Ouroban was not truly dead and could be brought back if the Infinite Circle was complete. They would earn revenue from the warring Asharr and Kujix by charging for the use of the Infinite Circle to expedite their goal, but progress was too slow. The Ourobi turned to other means of accelerating their efforts. They decided to utilize the economy of both the Asharr and Kujix to increase revenue and use the one thing that mattered most to both factions against them: the War of Conversion. With the warring races too occupied to realize the true intention of the Ourobi, the rising faction is working towards becoming the dominant race of Alganon so that they can bring back Ouroban from his prison outside the known world.