About Alganon

Alganon is a Free To Play fantasy-based MMORPG that allows thousands of people to play together in a virtual world that features a rich history dominated by commanding deities, powerful weapons and armor, deadly magic, epic quests, ancient places to discover, cities and lands to conquer, the utilization of detailed tradeskills, and more.


Alganon is 100% F2P, but with some minor limitations as follows:
  • Can only create up to 4 characters
  • 20 Ability Points cap (which coincides with gaining them on levels 11-30)
  • Max of 10 active quests at one time
  • Level Cap of 30
  • Gold cap of 50g
  • Cannot create guilds

Each of these limitations can be unlocked in the Tribute Market (in-game cash shop) by purchasing the appropriate service. This allows us to cater to each player without making you purchase a feature you may not want. For example, if you want to be able to play to level 50 but don't care for more character slots you can just purchase the Level Cap Boosts and ignore the others.

We also have a Super Pack Bundle (look in the Extras tab of the Tribute Market) which contains all of the extra services for a sizable discount. This is often the recommended choice for those who love the game and spend a great deal of time in it.


Features of Alganon


The world of Alganon has a rich multi-cultural background and history that spans thousands of years. Grand cities, dark ruins deep in the most dangerous parts of the world - it all ties together in some fashion, and all of it has a purpose, a history, or a legend. Some of this history is been documented in the library, but much of it must be discovered.


When entering the magical world of Alganon, players will immediately be confronted with a choice: Play as a Human Asharr (an imperialistic race vying to conquer the world through strength, intelligence and diplomacy), a Talrok Kujix (a primal race of powerful warriors and magic users bent on world domination through destruction and conquest), or one of the Ourobani (a follower of the dead deity Ouroban who are building their empire by any means necessary).
Talroks begin their quest on the continent of Harraja and as each character progresses a rich story will unfold explaining how the Talrok race was created by the god Xukiss to be his servants and to spread his influence throughout the lands of Alganon.
Humans live in and control the lands of Ardonya across the Great Sea. Created by Argon to serve a like purpose as the Talrok, the Asharr are to spread Argon's influence throughout the lands of Alganon.
The Ourobani begin their ascension to power on the island of Aeon. By exploiting the hatred shared by the Asharr and Kujix for each other, the Ourobi have begun their rise to power and will continue until they have claimed their rightful place in Alganon.
Both continents have all types of terrain encompassing forests, fields, plains, deserts, mountains, jungles, swamps, and tundras.

Classes Return to Top

Each race has 4 different player classes to choose from:

  • Soldier (Asharr Champion / Kujix Reaver / Ourobani Titan) - A warrior class with minor magical powers
  • Magus - A powerful sorcerer class, specializing in fire, frost and electricity
  • Healer (Asharr Mystic / Kujix Cabalist / Ourobani Spellbinder) - A magician focusing on mind and body, equally adept at healing and destruction
  • Ranger - A naturalist well versed in weapons and magic. Can fulfill any role in a group.
  • Warden A specialist in damage from afar and up close who can shapeshift and use a permanent companion to focus down their enemies.

As characters progress they will further specialize their character through abilities, studies, and equipment. Each character in Alganon can be customized to suit the way the player desires, and no two characters are alike.

As characters progress they will further specialize their character through abilities, studies, and equipment. Each character in Alganon can be customized to suit the way the player desires, and no two characters are alike.



Families Return to Top

Being a part of a family in Alganon is a great way to join with players that share similar interests. For example, power gamers can be together in one family and casual gamers can be in another family. Family names can be displayed and you will have the option to turn them off or on.

Each race has five different families, and each family represents a different "theme" that attracts gamers of a specific category. Instantly communicate with your new family, protect your siblings, and establish your family's name in the history books of Alganon.

Every family has its own chat channel that all family members can freely participate in. This channel is automatically "made active" when you log into the game. You are able to disable/remove the channel, but can rejoin it at any time. You can only join your own family's channel.

Quests Return to Top

Each faction has a full array of quests and adventures to advance characters through the levels in a fun and logical progression. Players can adventure alone or group with friends and allies. By the time your character reaches level 50, you'll have seen much of the world and understand the rich mythology and lore in the world of Alganon.

Instances Return to Top

There are numerous instances scattered throughout the lands of Alganon. As players level their characters they will be able to adventure inside this instanced content with groups of friends, and get a chance at some great loot and plenty of gold. Once a player reaches level 50 each of these instances can be revisited in a difficult mode (called Test of Faith), with a chance to win epic loot and other great rewards!

PvP Return to Top

Alganon has a fully immersive world PvP system at its roots. The Kujix and the Asharr are locked in a constant struggle for world domination. Throughout the world are scattered a system of defenses, namely Towers and Keeps, which when controlled by one faction provide benefits to all the faction's players in the zone. Once a single faction controls all the Keeps in the world they may attack the opposing capitol city, and attempt to kill the leader for epic rewards.

Once the leader of a faction is defeated, the Ourobani will ally themselves with the losing side so that they can help oppress the stronger faction and keep them from gaining too much power before the Ourobi claim their position as the dominant faction of Alganon. The Ourobani will continue to ally themselves with the losing faction whenever the leader of the Asharr or Kujix is defeated.

The Study System Return to Top

The study system is a unique feature in Alganon which allows characters to progress while the player is offline (online too!). Simply place a study in a character's "study queue" and when the appropriate amount of time has passed, the character will complete the study and receive its benefit!

The study system has 2 main components: PvE studies, and PvP studies. PvE studies yield benefits that are generally useful for a character to have while adventuring in the world. For example "increased damage while using daggers" may be a particular study benefit. While every character starts with a basic set of studies they can choose to place in queue and complete, there are hundreds of additional studies available for purchase with game gold.

The PvP Study System is a richly designed system of customization for players who enjoy participating in PvP combat. This system will allow you to specialize your character for the way you like to PvP. Players can choose specializations in Siege Weaponry, Keep Defense, Tower Defense, Character Improvement, Keep Assault, and Tower Assault. Deeper levels of studies require advanced levels of prerequisite studies, assuring that players who attain the deepest level of any study tree will have a very valuable, very unique skill in PvP.

The Economy Return to Top

The economy consists of a robust system to encourage player trading of items and equipment, and to provide gold making opportunities for all characters. In addition to vendors located in all the hubs of activity players can learn and use Tradeskills to gather and craft items, use the Auction House to sell their wares, and request materials or items through our Requisition House.

Tradeskills Return to Top

Tradeskills consist of three general areas:

Novice Crafting
Every player is a novice crafter, and this tradeskill comes at no cost and doesn't count as a "learned tradeskill". Novice crafters can make bandages, basic potions and salves, and minor crafting components. There are various vendors and trainers throughout the world who will teach you a variety of novice crafting skills.

Crafters are alchemists, blacksmiths, leatherworkers or tailors. Alchemists create potions and items and are mainly interested in herbs as a basis for their work. Blacksmiths use stone, gems, and various metallic ores to make weapons and armor and other items that are crafted with metal. Leatherworkers use animal skins and bone to create armor, ranged weapons and other natural items. Tailors use cloth to create light armor, bags and many other useful items made from cloth.

The crafting professions in Alganon are intertwined and crafters are encouraged to band together to provide the components that one another require. The Requisition House is also a great way to request crafting component from the general public.

Gatherers are herbalists, miners, skinners, or salvagers. These tradeskills gather the resources which are the foundation of all crafted items in Alganon. Herbalist gather flowers and plants, miners dig for ore and gems, skinner take skins, leather and bones from animals, and salvagers turn one man's junk into another man's treasure by breaking items down into their fundamental components.

Gathers use items for their own crafting, or sell their surplus on the Auction House. They can also fulfill requests made by other crafters for materials through the Requisition House.

Players may only choose 2 tradeskills per character (in addition to novice crafting), but each character can pick any 2 desired skills.

Auction House Return to Top

Each major city has a faction auction house where any player may go to sell or purchase items, goods, armor, weapons and equipment. If a player wants to sell an item, they list the item on the auction house, set a minimum price, a buyout price (if so desired), and the amount of time they want the auction to run. Depending on the value of the item and the desired auction time, the auctioneer will collect a small fee from the seller. This is to encourage a fair auction price because if the item does not sell, the Auction House retains the deposit as a fee. If the item sells the Auction House will return the deposit, along with the earnings minus a small sales tax. The auction winner receives their new item immediately via their in-game mail, and the sellers proceeds are mailed within the hour.

Requisition House Return to Top

The Requisition House is similar to the Auction House but works in reverse. A buyer may enter a requisition for purchase, requesting someone provide them with a particular item at a named price. A seller can look at the available requisitions, and if they have a matching item to sell and the price is agreeable, fulfill the requisition and receive the agreed upon amount. The in-game mail system automatically sends the item to the buyer and the payment to the seller.

Transportation Return to Top

In addition to the use of magic, numerous types of Wagger, Moole, Arvak, Jax and other exotic mounts are available to players to traverse the lands of Alganon. Characters who reach the level cap can purchase flying mounts to traverse the skies of Alganon as well, though flight masters throughout the world can assist all players by allowing them to ride a flying mount along a predetermined path.

The Library Return to Top

The Asharr, Kujix and Ourobani capital cities contain a grand library where you can pick up new studies. However, access to the information in the Library is available from anywhere within the game via the User Interface. Through this interface, players can research items, creatures, magic, tradeskills, and learn about the history of the world. These libraries serve as the central hub of information for each side.

Additionally the Library can also be accessed from outside the game world through the MyAlganon website.

Guilds Return to Top

Guilds support is built into Alganon allowing you to create, invite friends, and adventure together. Guilds feature custom news, communication, member management, and addition customization features in game. MyAlganon allows Guilds to stay in contact with fellow members even while you're away from the game world.


Items Return to Top

There are many different types of items in the world. Weapons, Armor, Jewelry, Bags, and Materials are just a few. Items need to be repaired as they become worn, but it's easy to find a repairer in most villages, towns, and cities.

Tribute Market System Return to Top

Tribute is a form of currency in the world of Alganon. Players purchase tribute via the market system (either on the web or in-game) and the purchase is deposited in their account. Tribute is held at the account level, so any character on the player's account is able to use the tribute which has been purchased.

Tribute Conversion Table (Subject to change)

Tribute Cost (USD)
250 $1.45
500 $2.80
1000 $5.50
2000 $10.90
5000 $27.40


A boon is an enhancement that is not tied to an item. You purchase it from the store like an item, but it's immediately applied to a specific character or account. Boons revolve around Studies and Study acceleration. Study acceleration is basically a Study Time Purchase. Players are able to buy one day of study points and allow them to define where those points go.


Many items are in the game, which are available for purchase using Tribute. These items fall into several categories; vanity pets, mounts, potions and elixirs, boxed item-sets, and individual items.

One Time Use Items
One time use items are kept until a player uses them. Once the item has been consumed it's gone and a new one must be purchased should the player wish to use it again. An example of a 1-time use item are potions and elixirs. Tribute potions and elixirs are designed to give the character an advantage over those readily available by crafting. For instance, Elixir of Focus will provide a bonus to the amount of experience a player receives for monster kills and quest turn-ins. There are 3 different types of Focus Elixirs that can be purchased, 5%, 10%, or 15% experience gain. All of them last for a full day.

Timed Use Items
Many items have a duration associated with them. Most of these items have either a duration of seven (7) days or thirty (30) days. The item is available to be used as often as the player desires during the entire duration. Once the duration expires the item is not lost, the player will have an option to re-activate the item by paying Maintenance on it. Timed use items include vanity pets, mounts, armor and weapons.

Continued Use & Maintenance
When the duration of an item has expired the player has the option of paying maintenance on it to make it available for use again. Items that have expired are easy to find using the Tribute Market Interface either in-game or on our website. Reactivation is easy, just click on the item, make sure you have enough tribute in your bank, and click the "Pay maintenance" button.

Permanent Items
Some items are available to purchase for permanent use. Buy these one time and use it forever! Examples of permanent items are some vanity pets and mounts. This will allow players the flexibility to choose how long they anticipate the use of the item in question, and make a buying decision based on this information.

Rich User Interface Return to Top

Alganon features a customizable User Interface. Players can place components where they feel most comfortable, size, scale and hide controls as they please. All settings are saved and retained between sessions for easy interface management.

Expansion Pack ReleaseReturn to Top

The QOL Development team has been hard at work to release the first Alganon expansion pack. Titled "Rise of the Ourobani" this expansion features tons of great new features including:

  • A brand new playable race, the Ourobani
  • A new, unique leveling experience in the new continent of Aeon
  • A new combat companion class playable by all races... The Warden
  • Flying mounts in Alganon: See the lands as never before as you ride your mount through the skies!
  • Hundreds of new quests and new types of quests