PvP in Alganon

The Talrok were created to bring the wisdom of the gods to all those who had been cut off from one another during the Age of Silence, but the Asharr Empire had already embraced the gods of order and a rift between gods existed.

Roughly twenty years ago, the first ship of Kujix explorers arrived on the eastern shores of Ardonya, establishing the city of Xajas Vaxx. From there, they moved inland, and began their aggressive campaign of indoctrination.

Soon, the Kujix faced an army of Asharr, sent from the emperor himself. The Kujix were driven back to Xajas Vaxx, but the gods protecting the Kujix claimed dominion over Xajas Vaxx and intervened, warning the Asharr not to pursue. This intervention of chaos gods within the realm of Ardonya was unacceptable to those who swore to protect the children of order. The time for peace had ended.

Thus the War of Conversion had begun. The battles were fought in the eastern realm of Ardarius, and lasted for months. The Asharr were so fixated on the battle they did not notice the additional footholds the Kujix established and many areas were quickly formed and placed under the protection of the Kujix gods. Meanwhile, the Asharr were also establishing a foothold in Harraja. Undetected by the busy Kujix, the Asharr proceeded to establish colonies, much like the Kujix. Soon the foothold was secure and the Asharr gods were watching over their children in Harraja.

The strategic battle for land and resources had begun. Members of the Asharr and Kujix who believed their way is the right way did whatever they could to convert their enemies to join them. The neutral cities of the world, not protected by the gods, quickly found themselves at the mercy of the ongoing battles between the two organizations. The gods agreed that they would fight each other only in the world of Alganon, and only within their domains or through the summoning of their followers. With this new mandate, the gods began to intervene in the battles that took place in their domains raging throughout the world, not only by sending their minions to protect their children, but sometimes appearing to fight themselves at the side of those who proved to be worthy.

Dissatisfied with the stalemate in the War of Conversion, Zanyana's fury has reached a point where even the words of Triasha and Argon could no longer soothe her. Thus began a new chapter in the War of Conversion. Now the Ourobani have emerged from their secluded continent of Aeon, joining into the proceedings. While initially choosing to keep themselves neutral from the other warring races, their lust for power and control have led them to temporarily allying with the losing side, switching their loyalties as they see fit while the Asharr and Kujix vie for control of the Towers and Keeps.


Dueling allows two players, from the same or different factions the ability to fight each other without outside interference to either practice their PvP skills, or for bragging rights. Dueling is never fatal; the player who would normally be killed as a result of the duel has their hit points set to 1 instead, and submits to the other player. Both players receive a message that the duel is over and that one of the players is the victor then it is recorded into the history books of Alganon.

Tournament System

Alganon now features a dueling tournament system. At various times throughout the year we'll be holding Arena of Command Tournaments. These are dueling tournaments with a Season and Playoff element. Players can compete for prizes and bragging rights as the best duelist on each server!

Open World PvP

Open World PvP is fairly simple, Battle to the Death. A player "flags" themselves for PvP and then can be attacked by similarly-flagged members of the opposing faction. You can engage in this type of combat virtually anywhere in the world. We are well on our way toward releasing the first PvE World Objectives, which will give players more focus on where to find and engage in PvP.

While participating in PvP related activities players will gain Renown points. Gaining Renown Levels grants your character perks, and unlocks PvP gear for purchase from the Tribute Market System. For a look at the Renown System go here. Using Renown PvP gear has several advantages while participating in PvP. First, it's itemized with Fortitude, which will make you more difficult to damage on the battlefield. Second, Renown Gear takes no durability loss while engaging in PvP.

Battle Durability

Players who choose to wear PvE armor while engaging in PvP will incur Battle Durability degradation. Battle Durability is a new type of durability that we've added to all the existing PvE gear in the game. While your character is flagged for PvP you'll take Battle Durability (BD) damage. When you run out of BD points on a gear item it "breaks", and will give you no benefit from its stats while flagged for PvP. This never effects the gear when your character is not PvP flagged. To repair your PvE gear you must visit a Tribute Repair Vendor (located throughout the world), and pay Tribute points to repair BD points your items.

Ourobani and World PvP

With the launch of the Rise of the Ourobani expansion, players are now able to play as the Ourobani race. They started as neutral to both the Asharr and Kujix, but once one side has killed the other sideís King they will ally themselves with the losing faction. For example, if the Asharr kills the Kujix King, then the Ourobani will ally themselves with the Kujix. This alliance will stay until the Asharr King is killed, when the Ourobani will then change their allegiance and befriend the Asharr, making the Kujix their enemy.

Due to the Ourobaniís desire to control the ebb and flow of the world conflicts, when an allied Ourobani captures a tower or keep they capture it for their ally, not themselves. This allows them to play off of the ever-changing strengths and weaknesses of both races.

World PvP Areas

We've erected 8 keep structures throughout the lands of Alganon, four each on Ardonya and Harraja. Each of these zones with a keep also has a set of 3 towers. An attacking army must take and control each of the 3 towers in order to unlock the keep for attack.

By using various siege weapons an attacking army can break through the several gates within a keep, then attack and defeat the commander. Successfully accomplishing this goal before losing control of any one of the three towers will change the control of that zone over to the attackers.

Each of the Keeps must be taken in order, from the furthest away to the closest to each Capital city. Once a faction controls all 8 keeps on Alganon they may then press their attack on their enemy's city. Killing Vaspar Truthseeker or Bredon Furyslayer will net the victors the spoils of war! Epic PvP weapons, PvP accessories, Gold, Renown and Experience points. If either leader dies the world resets to its initial state, with each faction controlling 4 keeps.

PvP Study System

There are over 100 new studies directly related to PvP. These studies cover the gamut of all things PvP. From character improvement to team specialization, crafting to siege engineering. Players will be able to highly specialize their character according to the type of PvP they like to play the most. This provides a deep level of customization for every character.

PvP Crafting System

A whole new crafting specialization is available for each character within their main trade skill. This system contains quests, require studies, and provides a whole array of options to customize your crafter to your liking. Players are able to make and sell PvP items that are highly sought by all the PvP players in the game.

PvP Content

As part of the Renown Leveling System we've added, and will continue to add dozens of new quests. These quests will help the player advance in both the Renown and Experience leveling systems. The quests are many and varied, from epic chains to simple dailies. Some involve world PvP objectives, others may be a simple delivery to a PvP area. The only catch is that you will be flagged for PvP while performing them. So get out there and start leveling your Renown!