Deities of Alganon

In Alganon, gods aren't legends, they are a critical part of the story, lore, and gameplay. Nearly every action performed in Alganon can trace its cause back to the will of the gods. Players who seek to learn the lore of Alganon will find a rich and vibrant history centered around these powerful beings.

Each Deity is more than just a representation of a different theme, they are complex characters that form personal relationships with each other and with the players. For the Asharr there are the God of Creation, and the Goddesses of Fire and Life. For the Kujix there are the Gods of Change, Conflict, and Knowledge. Each Deity has unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as a unique personality.

Deities are represented throughout the world by temples and devoted followers that provide services to patrons. These temples are a common source of quests, items, and training.

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Known as the Stonesmith of Creation, Argon carved the lands of Alganon from the primordial stone. His temples are great forges, dedicated to the arts of masonry and smithing. Argon longs for the Alganon of the past, before the destruction of the Colossus Born. His sighs of longing are often heard echoing though the night.

The Temple of Argon, also known as The Forge of Creation, is built upon the following foundation:

"Patience is the greatest virtue. That which cannot be moved, cannot be displaced. Emotion must always be tempered with wisdom; never act in anger or fear. Alganon is a gift to those who live within it. The Alganon that once was, will be again - in time."

Zanyana is the goddess of justice, light, and fire. Her cleansing flame spreads across the lands, cleansing it of evil. The sun is a reflection of her light, and the heat it gives is a reflection of her wrath. She will stop at nothing to purge the world of evil.

The Temple of Zanyana, also known as The Cleansing Flame, is an army of holy warriors who burn with the following passions:

"It is the duty of the powerful to defend the weak, and to punish those who would take advantage of the disadvantaged. Allow no sin to go unpunished. Light that does not scatter the darkness is not light. Planning to light a fire brings neither light nor heat; one must actually light the fire. Only actions have value."

Known as The Seeder of Life, Triasha is the goddess of nature, beauty, and life. She views all life as beautiful and has a place in her heart for all the creatures of Alganon. She is worshiped not only by humans and sylvain, but also by the plants and animals of Ardonya.

The Temple of Triasha, whose priests are often known as Treekeepers, are known for sowing the following seeds of thought:

"All life is beautiful and worthy of being. Beauty is the greatest virtue; to be beautiful is to be righteous. Above all else, grow. To limit one's potential is the greatest evil."

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Also known as the Bringer of the Inevitable, Vakgarr is the god of change, death, and prophecy. Unlike those who choose to ignore the horrors of this life, Vakgarr sees the world full of suffering and pain, a world ruled by fools and idiots. In response, Vakgarr has bound his eyes to the horror that is the now. Vakgarr chooses not to see the world as it is, but rather to see the world as it will be.

The Temple of Vakgarr, also known as the Hall of Alteration, brings the following vision:

"All things must change or be destroyed... but what is destruction if not change? Change is inevitable. Change is inevitable. Death is change. Therefore, Death is inevitable. Your death is inevitable. Celebrate it. Life is suffering, and then you die."

The great Seeker of Knowledge, Xukiss is the god of information, knowledge, and study. His thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. He has extended his knowledge beyond the Great Cycle of Life and Death and knows things that not even the gods were meant to know.

The Temple of Xukiss, also known the Hall of Knowledge, guides students with the following teachings:

"Knowledge is power. Share it only with those who have proven themselves capable of handling such power. Just as information can place one at an advantage, misinformation can place one's enemies at a disadvantage. Nothing is impossible. There is always another way. Seek it out."

The Winnower of Souls, Ghazmok separates the wheat from the chaff, the strong from the weak, the worthy from the unworthy. He is known for testing his subjects with adversity, forging their strength with difficult trials. The few who survive his tests are stronger for having endured them. Unlike those who take life for granted, the followers of Ghazmok have proven themselves worthy of their existence.

The Temple of Ghazmok, known as the Blade of Judgment, measures the worth of its believers by the following ideals:

"Weakness breeds weakness. Strength breeds strength. Weakness is a plague that must not be allowed to spread. A perfect world is populated with perfect beings. As long as there is weakness, there will never be perfection. True justice shows no mercy. True justice is blind."

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Also known as the Keeper of the Infinite Circle, Ouroban guards and controls the portals of the world. He has long been away from the Ourobani due to a conflict of the major Dieties in ages past, which ended with the disappearance of Ouroban. The Ourobani still follow in his teachings, doing what they feel is the bidding of their long-lost god until the day of his return.

The Temple of Ouroban, also known as the Spire of the Infinite Circle, is a place where all portals get their power. Believers of Ouroban hold to these values:

"Patience is strength. Those who rush to their goals will never see the true fruits of their labors. While others scramble over the lands in constant struggles, we will stay strong. Our strength is the slow ruination of our enemies. The world will one day see the majesty of the return of Ouroban. And they shall pay dearly.