Families of Alganon

Being a part of a family in Alganon is a great way to join with players that share similar interests. For example, power gamers can be in the same family and casual gamers can be in their own family. While family names are displayed by default upon entering the game, you will have the option to turn them off.

Each race has five different families, and each family represents a different "theme" that attracts gamers of a specific category. Instantly communicate with your new family, protect your siblings, and establish your family's name in the history books.

  • Achiever†- Players focused on building their character, collecting things
  • Competitor†- Players who focus on competition
  • Explorer†- Players who prefer to explore the game
  • Socializer†- Those who prefer social interaction foremost
  • Crafter†- Those who prefer to gather, build and sell items

Major cities have Family merchants that sell merchandise just to specific family members. These items are called heirlooms and only affect the player visually. Different families have different colors and themes. There are also heirloom pets, such as kittens, frogs, etc. All of these options are based on race and family type.

Every family has its own chat channel that all family members can freely participate in. This channel is automatically "made active" when you log into the game. You are able to disable/remove the channel, but can rejoin it at any time. You can only join your own family's channel.

You can also create guilds and accomplish tasks to be etched in the Great Library's history books.

Asharr Families Return to Top

In all the history of the asharr families, the Agronar name has become synonymous with excellence and accomplishment. Always setting the bar for those who follow after them, the Agronar bloodline is known for their never-ending thirst for advancement and ability to finish what they started. No matter how many battles they win, villains they slay, or records they hold, they always seek to find another.

The Agronar have secured their place in the history of men, and now they seek to advance their legacy even more. The Agronar family will not be satisfied until they have done all that can be done, and then some.

During the Great War, monstrous Gargantuak demons rose from the depths and began to lay waste to all life on Alganon. While many of the great Families hid in terror, the Hokott Family saw this as the chance to prove their strength. Each member of the Hokott Family kept a pile of stones, adding a new stone to the pile for each demon they slew. By the time the Great War had ended, the piles of stones stood taller than a dozen men and had become a symbol of asharr superiority. The roads of Asheran Forest were paved from these stones, every step taken today is a reminder of the Hokott Family's spirit of competition.

Today, this same zeal is also applied to the fields of politics and commerce. The Hokott Family is always pushing the other families to improve themselves in their respective areas of expertise, or fall behind.

Most of the coins minted in Asheran and used throughout the Empire are stamped with the face of one of the great Emperors of Asheran's past. All, that is, except for the copper coin. The most common coin in the land bears the face of Jaan Martos, founder of the East Asheran Trading Company, and the greatest trader in the history of Alganon. His legacy lives on today in his descendants.

The Martos Family are the greatest artisans and traders in the Empire, known not only for their abilities to craft goods of the finest quality, but also for their ability to acquire rare and magnificent items from around the globe. It is said that if there is something you need, there is a member of the Martos family that sells it.

The Ardanis Family are known to be Asheran's greatest explorers, and have been for generations. The Journals of Vann Ardanis, and his search for a Northern Passage are taught in all of Asheran's schools, and the maps drawn by his granddaughter, Lora Ardanis, are considered to be the most expansive and most accurate maps ever created. If a member of the Ardanis family takes pen to paper and writes, "Here Be Dragons," it is because she has seen them with her own eyes.

In fact, the Ardanis name has entered the slang and lingo of the gypsy clans that roam the forests around Asheran. Should a gypsy woman say to you, "Footprints of Ardanis," she means that she has seen your situation before. There is nothing new. For no matter where you go, a member of the Ardanis Family has been there first.

No one family understands both the intricacies and importance of communication more so than the DeVoss Family. Famous for their place in the social hierarchy, members of the DeVoss Family never find themselves in the company of strangers. For no matter where you go, or who you speak to, someone there considers the DeVoss family to be amongst their closest friends.

"Information is the real coin of power", is a well known saying among the DeVoss, and it shows with their masterful handing of all forms of media, leaving no question too difficult or trivial for discussion and dissemination. When the Emperor has a message of great importance to deliver, he only needs to tell a member of the DeVoss family, as he knows they will soon spread the information across the lands with the grace and intimacy that only a DeVoss can possess.

Through their vast influence and techniques in exchanging ideas the DeVoss Family has become world renowned and well loved.

Kujix Families Return to Top

Known for their vast collections of trophies and achievements, Members of the Vexxnax Family see challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities to excel. Driven by their desire to achieve all that can be achieved, they find themselves on the forefront of Talrok advancement, and are always looking to enhance their abilities and increase their skills.

Members of the Vexxnax Family are known to keep souvenirs of their accomplishments, and pride themselves in completing the set. It is not uncommon to find a member of the Vexxnax Family who has on display the shattered blades of enemies slain, a handful of dirt from every corner of the globe, and an ear from every beast that stalks the wilds, but still is not satisfied and continues to search for more to accomplish.

To understand the fires that burn in the heart of all members of the Xajikk Family, one need only look to the history of their greatest ancestor, the mighty Akarr Xajikk. A proud servant of Ghazmok, and one of the greatest soldiers in the history of the Talrok, Akarr amassed the spoils of war and the Xajikk Family became very wealthy - but wealth meant little to Akarr. He longed only for the thrill of victory. It was rumored that Akarr Xajikk was immortal, as even in his old age, he continued to fight in the name of the gods.

Wishing to die in the greatest battle in history, the Akarr spent the entire family fortune placing a bounty on his own head. One-by-one, heroes and villains alike came to slay the great warrior, but none ever succeeded. Even on his deathbed, Akarr managed to defeat dozens of the world's greatest assassins. Much to his chagrin, Akarr died of old age, peacefully, in his sleep. His tombstone reads simply, "I win."

Even the eldest of Linguists does not know for certain whether the word Juxxas was first used to name members of this Family, or if it was first used to mean "quality," but today, the two words are one-and-the-same. In every city in the Empire, the Juxxas family is known for its attention to detail and ability to produce the highest quality goods. Even Xukiss, the god of industry, often seeks out a member of the Juxxas Family for use as craftsmen and engineers.

Gifted crafters and traders, the Juxxas Family is likewise revered for their ability to turn a profit in any situation. It is said that the Juxxas Family are "breeders of coin," for if you give them a copper, they will soon return with a hundred gold.

There are places so hidden that even the gods have forgotten about them. There are caves so deep that the stones inside them have never seen the light of day. There are vistas so grand that the awe they inspire could stop your heart, and you could literally die from the beautiful view. Members of the Kasaruis Family has seen these places, and they continue to search for more. This family of explorers is known for their ability to visit the places no one else has seen.

Members of the Kusaruis Family are such prolific explorers that the Great Library once held a special category for the first "Non-Kusaruis" to make a discovery, as it is generally assumed that if something can be discovered, it will be a member of the Kusaruis Family that discovers it first.

Gran'tokk family members pride themselves as the masters of poise and grace, boasting the most lucrative and expansive network in all of Alganon. Using their belief that one poisoned ear is worth a hundred poisoned arrows, the Gran'tokk pull the strings of some of the most influential members of society. However, their influence is not always in a subversive manner. Masters in both swordplay and wordplay, the Gran'tokk can also use their great skill and cunning to entertain others and forge powerful alliances.

Very little escapes their attention, and often deadly games of cat and other-cat are played by family members to see who can indirectly cause the most chaos and inspire the most action, using nothing but words and whispers.

Ourobani Families Return to Top

The members of the Rekatet prefer to protect their way of life through force. Whether it be the swing of a mighty weapon, the steadfast hold of a shield, the sailing of an arrow, or the mystical words of a conjured spell, the actions of the Ourobani's competitive family cause ripples across the lands. Adversaries would be wise to avoid standing in the way of the Ourobani's rise when the Rekatet lead the charge.

The members of the Rekatet prefer to protect their way of life through force. Whether it be the swing of a mighty weapon, the steadfast hold of a shield, the sailing of an arrow, or the mystical words of a conjured spell, the actions of the Ourobani's competitive family cause ripples across the lands. Adversaries would be wise to avoid standing in the way of the Ourobani's rise when the Rekatet lead the charge.

The Zanakarr are responsible for many of the tools of war wielded by the Ourobani. Without the skills of these sires of the Ourobani, the empire's rise would likely be little more than a hope and dream. The maintenance and creation of weapons and gear from the Zanakarr are what will allow the Ourobani to one day conquer what is rightfully theirs.

The Mok-Shifel are responsible for the scouting Alganon so the Ourobani know where their attacks will be most productive. In addition, the Mok-Shifel family conduct espionage against their foes and situational allies to help ensure the safety and prosperity of their country while the Ourobani continue to expand and gain control of the land. Many of this clan firmly believe that knowledge is strength and continue to bolster the power of the uprising faction through intelligence.

Those of the Denmilya family expand the Ourobani empire through diplomacy and manipulation. While the Ourobani are naturally against the other dominant factions of Alganon, it is important for them to remember that taking on the Kujix and Asharr head on would be a futile effort. Thanks to the hushed whispers and political efforts of the Denmilya, the Talroks and Humans will continue to think that they are each other's worst enemies up until the moment when the Ourobani claim their position as the rulers of Alganon.