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June 2009


June 2009 Development Update

In the latest development blog, David Allen updates the community on the rapid progress being made in developing Alganon. He gives a brief outlook on what beta participants will see implemented in the next few weeks as well. Head over to to read the update!



Developer blog at

In a follow-up to our recent Teldis video and Q&A with, Taylor Nichols, Data Designer at Quest Online, shares a bit of history on the Teldis domain. "Teldis is one of those unique areas where you experience a world on the brink of cataclysmic change, where the old glories have not yet all faded, but the seeds of change have not fully taken root either."



New Video: Exploring Teldis

The latest video of Alganon has arrived! Previously, we gave you scenic tours of the major starting domains on the continents of Harraja and Ardonya. One corner of Harraja though has yet to be explored - Teldis.



The Making of Alganon

Watch our CEO, David Allen, in this latest video as he places trees on the ocean and spawns purple people eaters in an obsession to fill the Alganon world with all sorts of surprises, all while other developers are working in the same environment! follows up with us in their exclusive Q&A about the editor! interview and creature screenshots posted today their interview with us on a range of topics about Alganon and its development. Also included are several new creature screenshots! If you haven't kept updated on Alganon recently, this is a great article to learn more.



Dev blog: MMO Multi-tasking as seen by Berek

Why do MMOs require so much of our time that we are often forced to abandon one for the other? Is it possible to play three MMOs in tandem and feel you are a true part of each of those worlds? Berek vents his frustration on his past and current experiences playing multiple MMOs in his latest developer blog at



Community Roundtables #14 & 15

We've collected all the previous roundtables and added them to our Articles section. Check the forums to participate in the next round! We select questions directly from those posted by community members.



Guild spotlight: The Old Timers Guild

The second guild to participate in the Guild Spotlight of the Week is 'The Old Timers Guild'! They chat with community member, Suthainn, about their guild's existence in the MMO universe and interest in Alganon. Check previous news for other guild spotlights!



Scribe Myra's Creature Encounters

The recent Hogsnout Scribe Myra discovered a few weeks ago has been given a name! As you follow her adventures, she will ask for your help in discovering or choosing a name of a creature from a particular race. Each specific creature named will be shown with that name somewhere in the game!

  ZAM Exclusive - The Continent of Harraja - (June 11, 2009)

Harraja is home to the Kujix, a group of Talrok who consider themselves to be the chosen of the gods. When the God Vakgarr first created the Talrok, to spread the message of the gods to all of Alganon, they built their temples in the mountains of Xanjuis Plains. In 122 DE, when the first Kujix Emperor Xinjuk Rox united the most powerful Talrok under his command, they united under the banner of the Kujix, and their influence spread across the globe.


For a decade, however, a dark shadow has fallen over the continent. Ten years ago, the best and brightest of the Kujix locked themselves away in the great capital of Xanjuix Karr, to study and prepare for the War of Conversion. Without the presence of the ruling Kujix, much of Harraja has fallen into disarray. The Ogran tribes have lost their way, rebellious new empires of Talrok have begun to form, bandits and thieves have brought trade to a halt, and the mischievous nidgit have infested every corner of Harraja.


Xanjuix Karr - Capital of Harraja


The capital city and center of power of the Kujix, Xanjuix Karr is home to the royal family and numerous historic places and individuals. Xanjuix Karr is nestled high in the mountains of Xanjuis Plains, protected from any other areas currently at war. Surrounded by dessert and terrain largely impassable by those the Kujix want to keep out, this city also doubles as a formidable fortress during times of conflict. In the ancient tongue, the "Xanjuis" means winds, and "Karr" means to unite or come together as one. While it is not to be taken literally, many elders still repeat the old idiom that all winds blow towards Xanjuix Karr - meaning that there is nothing that happens in Harraja that is not somehow affected by the priests of Xanjuix Karr.


Xanjuis Plains Domain


Home of the capital city of Xanjuix Karr, wide, open, grassy and wind-blown plains make up this domain. There are occasional farmsteads as well, but for the most part, Xanjuis Plains is the same through and through. A few interesting formations of rock and ruins can be found here, many of which were named by the simple-minded Ogran who call these lands home. Plains creatures such as lions and wild pig can be found living here, though these beasts are less exotic than the elemental creatures that call this land home. These beasts, made of living elements, can be found in remote corners of Xanjuis Plains.


Looming large mountains surround the southern and southwestern part of the plains, the location of the capital city, which is just high enough in elevation to be able to see out across the plains and nearly to the ocean.


Controlling Deity: Vakgarr


To the followers of Vakgarr, the word is a vile place in desperate need of change, and it is the Kujix, most especially the Talrok, who were chosen by the gods to make that change and transform Alganon into a perfect world. Vakgarr has provided the Talrok with a powerful tool for change, and that tool is Death. Without death, life becomes stagnant. Without the gift of the great cycle of Life and Death, nothing could be improved, nothing could be made better. The Talrok have been tasked by the gods to use the Great Cycle in order to make Harraja better for all who inhabit it.


Xanjuis Plains has two "Deity Rocks", the East Rock and the West Rock, located on either side of the river. These rocks are defended by a large number of creatures. When the creatures are defeated and the Rocks are held in unison over a period of time, a boon is given to all Kujix in the domain.


Click here to read more about Harraja!


Issue #05


Current Game Phase:  Private Beta


- 'About MyAlganon' page updated

- Library and game testing continues

- Website design and layout updated


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Teldis domain Video


Developer Blogs

- June Development Update
- Berek: MMO Multi-tasking

- Taylor Nichols: About Teldis


Forum Discussions

- Will you choose Asharr or Kujix?

- What do you hate in other games?

- PvP Think Tank

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Featured Interviews


Latest Interview with Producer



Alganon Editor Q&A with



The Rise of Originality in MMOs



Member of the Month

Llucid brings with him an interesting style and community spirit that is sure to get you more involved in his discussions. Here is what he had to say when we asked him to write a blurb for our June newsletter:


"I’ve been playing video games since I was swinging on vines in Pitfall on the Atari 2600, and Q’bert is still one of my favorite console games of all time. I started playing MMO’s about the time Guild Wars was going to be released, not sure if I would like the idea of playing online with a bunch of other people, or even sure if my PC could handle it.

Sadly, I never made it to Guild Wars, as I was hooked on EQ2 the first night. For the next 4 or 5 years I put all my time into leveling a dirge, and every crafting class that would benefit my own my dirge. During that time I was a member of only 2 guilds I was a leader in one and an officer in the other.

The largest issue I have in all the games I have played, is the Developer responses and reactions to how the community feels. I have left games because it appeared that it did not matter what the community thought. Alganon appears to have strong community involvement. I can’t wait for release."


To learn more about Llucid, click here!


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Vakgarr, a deity of Alganon

"All Kujix, and the Talrok especially, were chosen to make Alganon a perfect world - but the Alganon of today is far from perfect. It is a vile place, full of suffering and failure. If the world of Alganon is to continue, it must change. Change or doom... and what is doom, but another change? Change is inevitable.


To the followers of Vakgarr, death is the ultimate change. Without death, life becomes stagnant. Without the gift of the Cycle, nothing could be improved, nothing could be made better..."


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