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May 2009


RPG Vault Peek #15: The continent of Ardonya

The vast continent of Ardonya is where those who play an Asharr will begin their journey. From its dense forests and sandy shores, to its stinky bogs and partially buried ancient cities, Ardonya is one of the largest and most diverse areas your character will quickly call home.



An interview with The Syndicate

Character selection variations, quest design, mounts, instances, and much more were discussed. Further guild introductions will be conducted on a regular basis. Watch for them as they are introduced alongside our community spotlight feature!



Ten Ton Hammer - Healer class interview

The last, but definitely not least, class interview of the four starting classes of Alganon has been released at Ten Ton Hammer. Learn about the lore surrounding the Healer, the 'state of Trance' the Healer possesses (my favorite Trait), what the 'Deathwalk' is all about, and much more.



Music and voice-overs of Alganon

Hue Henry, Lead Data Designer, and Eric Speier, Music Composer for Quest Online, walk us through their experiences in developing the music and sounds of Alganon in this latest exclusive at Curse, "The Sound and the Fury".



Alganon goes mobile with SMS messaging support

Won't it be great to receive guild updates via SMS on your phone, or even updates on your character's study progress? We recently introduced SMS support that will eventually let you do exactly that. SMS support is continuing to be updated as the game proceeds through beta.



Roundtable Q&A and developer chat

The first Alganon developer chat was hosted at earlier this month. The developers discussed with the community crafting, combat, the current beta phase, and much more. Also posted was the latest Community Roundtable.



Xanjuix Karr city video

The fourth video of Alganon has arrived! The first two focused on the continents of Ardonya and Harraja, taking you through expansive areas from Asheran Forest to Xanjuis Plains. The third video focused on the great city of Asheran on the continent of Ardonya. Today we take you on a brief tour of Xanjuix Karr, the capital and major trading center of Harraja.



RPG Vault Peek #14: Families, Races and Factions

RPG Vault shows the community how the Families system plays an integral role in Alganon. Also discussed in the article are the two starting races, Human and Talrok, and the Asheroth and Kujix factions that these races are bound to.



Week of the Magus: TTH and UI interviews

We have two exclusive interviews for you this week on the Magus class; deadly masters of destruction specializing in Flame, Frost, and Storm!



Examiner Interview: More about Alganon's Economy

The Examiner has just posted their interview with us on additional tidbits about the economy of Alganon, particularly on the exciting ways you will be able to develop your characters in the crafting skill.

  Developer chat with - (May 14th, 2009)
Quest Online answers community questions in this latest developer chat!


Drakus: What has the biggest challenge been for QOL while developing Alganon?

QOL_DavidAllen: Finding exceptional people to join our staff. We're currently 42 people strong, and in month 40 of game development.

Dravokx: We know the Deities will be a living part of the world, but will they be something that can be raided and killed?

QOL_DavidAllen: Hue is going to answer that one.

QOL_Hue: I don't think the deities like the idea of being killed.

QOL_Hue: The deities in Alganon are very powerful - they can throw mountains across the ocean. They can wipe out entire races.

QOL_Hue: In fact, it's a bit taboo to discuss if they are even capable of dieing. The Warpriests of Zanyana and the Blades of Ghazmok would strike you dead for even thinking it.

QOL_Hue: But that doesn't mean it's not possible. Alganon has a long future, and after years and years of growth and advancement, things may change.

LowRes: Studies seem to be a really important part of your game. Can you expand on the types of Studies that will be available to players (Combat Studies? Crafting Studies?) and what kind of rewards a player will get for completing Studies? How will I be able to learn or discover new Studies?

QOL_DavidAllen: Yes, Studies are one of our strongest features.

QOL_DavidAllen: Rewarding the players for subscribing, and alllowing them to grow their character in real time vs. having to power level, etc.

QOL_DavidAllen: There are numerous core study types, some focus on combat, some on magic, some on crafting/tradeskills, other on leadership capabilities.

QOL_DavidAllen: As a player grows in studies, they will receive benefits.

QOL_DavidAllen: For example, a player can study Humanoid Anatomy, and get (for example) 1% additional crit per point.

QOL_DavidAllen: The best part of studies is they progress whether or not you're online.

QOL_Hue: Another interesting aspect of studies is that they can open alternate means of advancement. If you hate large group raiding, but want the same rewards, studies can open up the opportunity to get those rewards. We don't want players to be forced to do something they hate so they can get what they need to do what they love.

QOL_DavidAllen: Exactly.

QOL_DavidAllen: This allows a player who has a character 1-2 years old to have access to things no power gamer who maxed out their level in 5-6 days can get.

QOL_DavidAllen: It's a balancing mechanism in many ways.


Click here to read the rest of the developer chat transcript!


Issue #04


Current Game Phase:   Private Beta


- 'About MyAlganon' page added

- Library and game testing continues

- Website optimizations completed


Be sure to sign up at MyAlganon to reserve your game account name!


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Xanjuix Karr Video


Developer Blogs

- May Update by David Allen
- Music and voice-overs of Alganon

- Hue Henry: Embracing the Trinity


Forum Discussions

- Will you choose Asharr or Kujix?

- Views on Real Money Trading

- What do you hate in other games?

- Fears of Studying

- Dungeons

- Restrictions?


Featured Interviews


An interview with The Syndicate

- The Syndicate guild


Healer class interview


Magus class interviews



More about Alganon's economy



Member of the Month

DeLang brings with him an interesting style and community spirit that is sure to get you more involved in his discussions. Here is what he had to say when we asked him to write a blurb for our May newsletter:


"The Atari 2600 keypad peripheral provided my first taste of implementing my own gaming ideas. The Commodore 64, Amiga and other systems nurtured this curiosity through my teenage years. Though I left the computer science world for healthcare, gaming has remained a passion. One that has introduced me to a wider spectrum of personalities, with frequent episodes of hilarity and generosity. Alganon's community looks to deliver on the goods. Can't wait to be in-game!"


To learn more about DeLang, click here!


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Argon, a deity of Alganon

"Argon is wise. Before he takes a step, he plans the exact position he will set his foot. Before he plans where to set his foot, he analyzes his planning process to ensure all the data has been accounted for. Before he analyzes his planning process, he studies his own mind to ensure that the process is best for him. Before he studies his mind..."


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