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Mar 2009

Monthly News

Unmoderated Info Interview

We recently sat down with Unmoderated Info and discussed what makes Alganon fun, what features are new to the game community, and much more. Don't overlook the exclusive screenshots that are the first set showing off the bloom effects we recently implemented!


RPG Vault Peek #8, 9, 10 & 11

RPG Vault gets all the details on the Four Core System in this latest article about Alganon's features. Learn how you will be able to easily fit into a group, advance while offline, gain new abilities while doing so, and combine it all together to optimize your character in all areas of advancement!


Alganon Beta FAQ & Timeline

We have recently seen community members ask when beta and release start, who can enter, when will they be able to register, and other important subjects. More will be added as other questions are asked and the timeline progresses.


Community Roundtable No. 7 & 8

Our eighth Community Roundtable is live! With this feature we are focusing on key questions the community has asked during the last several days. The topics for this week include: our stance on exploits, implied targeting, action queuing, classes at release, the Crusades.



Scribe Myra's Creature Encounters

As you follow Scribe Myra's adventures, she will ask for your help in discovering a name of a creature from a particular race. Last week we learned about the Frognar. Scribe Myra has just discovered the name of the Chieftain. His name is Frosh. Thanks to community member Elrac for discovering the name!


Ten Ton Hammer Studies Interview

Ten Ton Hammer has posted their interview about the Studies system of Alganon! They discuss with us how the Studies system helps you to not only develop a unique character, but remain with your peers when advancing at varying rates.

Learn More About Alganon

With more community members discovering Alganon everyday, we wanted to update our About Alganon page with more information about the game and what your characters will be able to do when they first set foot upon the continents of Ardonya and Harraja.

Featured Article

A preview toward Beta - (Mar. 17th, 2009)

Since joining Quest Online, I have had such a fantastic time working with the community and building up excitement and expectations for Alganon. It's incredible what has been developed over the past three years. We are now well into our third month this year, since we started our efforts in building the community. The best part about working at Quest Online hasn't only been following the excitement and passion in producing a great MMO, but the great relations we have with each other on the team and how all of us are eager to present to you what Alganon is about.



Most of the articles and interviews you've seen so far have directly involved at least two team members, and our entire staff partakes in reviewing content as they need to. To give you further insight into how things are accomplished, we have regular meetings to prepare for our upcoming beta tests, as well as constantly reviewing community feedback in places like the forums.


What can you expect in the next few weeks and what community features will be developed to make this not only a productive beta test period, but an exciting and fun one as well? For starters, we need your feedback and suggestions in tweaking and adding the content you want to see in Alganon! Being the Community Manager, I am particularly interested in understanding what you desire in both community and game content.


For example, there was a recent forum thread discussing "Alternative Holidays". Christmas, Halloween, and all those other earthen holidays we celebrate every year will likely have a place in Alganon, but what about "Alganon Holidays"? What sort of holidays do the Frognars partake in?


To give you a review and preview of much of the features we have on the table at this time, here is a nice summary listing of what to expect in the weeks and months to come:


Continued Features

  • Community Roundtable Q&A
  • Weekend Community Spotlights
  • Scribe Myra's Creature Encounters
  • Content articles hosted by affiliate sites
  • Exclusive screenshots, videos, interviews
  • Developer blogs and updates
  • Gameplay videos and features

Upcoming Features

  • MyAlganon guild and in-game support
  • Increased community fansite features and support
  • Other content articles from Myra and other Alganon adventurers
  • In-game events and contests
  • IRC discussions and roundtables
  • Beta key contests & giveaways
  • Video developer blogs
  • and more...

Private Beta is launching on April 1st and our Public Beta tentatively on June 1st. Release of Alganon will follow shortly in the summer. Sign up to MyAlganon now to reserve your game login name and priority entry into one of the first waves of Public Beta!


Our community is thriving and growing every week as we all wait in anticipation for beta phases to begin. It's fantastic seeing all the new members coming in regularly and voicing their opinions on what they want in an MMO. We thank all of those community members that have provided support for those newcomers! Participate now to make the release of Alganon as great as it can be, but also continue to voice your opinions well after release.


As David Allen has mentioned in previous interviews, we aren't resting on release day!


Mathew "Berek" Anderson

Community Manager

Quest Online, LLC.


Issue #02

New Media

Wallpaper 1  Wallpaper 2

Wallpaper 3  Wallpaper 4

Wallpaper 5  Wallpaper 6


Kujix Video of Alganon

Hot Topics

Developer Blogs


- Berek: A preview toward Beta

- Taylor Nichols: MMORPG Exclusive

- Hue Henry: My History

- Jason Blood: A foundation of...


Forum Discussions


- Alganon Beta Access Event

- Will you choose Asheroth or Kujix?

- Make a Guild Worth Something

- What are you playing now?

- In the dark

- Fears of Studying


Featured Interviews Interview



Ten Ton Hammer Studies Interview



Member of the Month

Syndic brings with him an interesting style and community spirit that is sure to get you more involved in his discussions. A Magic: The Gathering fan, he soon found his way to MMOs, with other genres when time permits.


"I started PC gaming since the early 90's but at the time Magic: the Gathering was taking alot of my interest. Later a close friend started to tell me about a new area of gaming with a game called Everquest, Magic soon feel by the wayside. Although I still try to find time for the FPS's and RTS's of the world, the genre of MMORPG's is my true passion and a genre that I hope will grow with leaps and bounds for many years to come."


To learn more about Syndic, click here!

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