MyAlganon exists to support gamers interested in MMOs, as well as provide a one-stop-shop for all Alganon related information. In addition to an in-game database, called the Library, you are given tools to stay closely connected with those around you.

MyAlganon is the main access point for entry into Alganon. It is also your source for guild management, game character tracking, various social networking features, as well as the latest news and information about Alganon and the community.

Game Access

Are you eager to enter the world of Alganon? Be sure to sign up for MyAlganon and fill out your profile information! Your MyAlganon account is the same account you use to log into the game. Sign up to lock in your username for your game account.

The Library

Want the most accurate database ever built for a game? Check out the Library! Instead of have to search through external sites that are often outdated, the Library is as updated as the game itself. The best part is the Library is fully accessible from inside the game!

Featured Content

News Annoucements

Stay updated on the latest Alganon and community news.
News Annoucements

Member Support


Blogs are great way to write about your game adventures, such as boasting about the latest boss mob you took down with your guild the other night. If you do not have beta access yet, they are a great way to talk about your anticipations for doing so!


MyAlganon is there to bridge your communications with those in your guild that may be in the middle of a raid with those that are writing a blog about all the great accomplishments of the previous raid. The guild pages you have access to will be determined by which guilds your various characters belong. You neither join nor form a guild in MyAlganon. Instead, you simply gain access to all that you have become a part of through the game itself.


MyAlganon supports image uploading (with moderator approval). Are you playing another MMO while you wait for Alganon beta access? Post your screenshots of your adventures to share with others.

Each member also gets there own album space! You can make them public for everyone to view, or keep them private for just you and your friends! Feel free to share non-game related pictures as well.


All characters you develop in Alganon will be displayed on MyAlganon for your guild and friends to view. This includes details as what they are wearing and carrying, as well indicators as to how strong and capable they are.