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Feb 2009

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Alganon Beta Access Event


In celebration of MyAlganon's release at, Quest Online introduces the Alganon Beta Access Event to the community! The first round of news for this event is due to be relesed this coming Saturday, Feb. 28th.


Community Roundtable No. 5

With this feature we are focusing on key questions the community has asked during the last several days. This round's topics include: progression specific items, imbued items, zone loading, spell casting, and faction languages.


MMOsite Alganon interview

MMOsite has posted their interview with David Allen about Alganon. They go in-depth into discussing the Library system, Companions & Pets, updated information on our upcoming beta phases, and more.


Creature Feature: Skitter

Today we reveal the Skitter, an insect type of creature that once swarmed over the great cities of Asheran and Xanjuis Karr. There are signs it may do so again.


RPG Vault Alganon status interview

With our introduction of MyAlganon and the upcoming testing phases for Alganon itself, RPG Vault interviewed us to get a status update on where were currently at in development and what we plan for the game and community.


MyAlganon Beta launches today

Today we celebrate the launch of the MyAlganon Beta! MyAlganon is your portal into the Alganon game and community. It is more than just a portal though; it is a place to share your interest and anticipation with the rest of the community in playing Alganon and other MMOs.

Featured Article

The Features of MyAlganon - (Feb. 21st, 2009)


My name is JD Smith and I am the Lead Web Developer for Quest Online. Earlier this week we introduced our new service to the public, MyAlganon. At QOL we are excited to be introducing such a strong community based feature for our upcoming MMO, Alganon. The most important component of the game's development is the community, so we are starting at its core, introducing features that will help you to connect with each other.


So what does a Lead Web Developer do at QOL anyway? I am mainly responsible for managing our various web related endeavors, including the continuing development of the ALGANON and MyAlganon sites, web-to-game integration, and several other projects. The bulk of my time is being spent on the back-end of MyAlganon. With such a massive game, you can imagine there are a lot of back-end elements to take care of!


While we would have loved to launch the beta with everything we ultimately plan to put into it, we wanted to ensure what MyAlganon starts with is at its core the key features you want out of such a service. Right now you can reserve your ALGANON account names and test out the various features as they are released, right through the MyAlganon service.


Just a few features for this first phase of release includes: forming in-game groups, full calendar access for guild event planning, post pictures from group events or your own adventures, blog about your adventures, leave comments for others, and tons of other essential social networking features. As Berek has mentioned in his community blog, we are not just building a game, but a community.


In the future we will be releasing further support for guilds, our really cool library system, study integration, character searching and planning via an armory like interface, UI mod support, and video sharing similar to what you find at services like YouTube. As I hope you are beginning to see in these features, direct game information is being brought to you to our web services, and in-game you will have access to these as well!


This last feature is perhaps the most important. Do you need to know where a certain item drops? Pull up the library window in-game which pulls directly from a customized view of MyAlganon. Do you want to post a cool new screenshot to an album on your MyAlganon account? No problem! Tell the client to do so when you take that memorable screenshot.


I hope the above ramblings give you a feel for what to expect from our team in the near future. I'm definitely looking forward to interacting with the community to make my team's part of ALGANON the best it can be.


To get started in the Alganon community, visit the MyAlganon signup page. Learn more about the game and what has the community excited by visiting the official Alganon website.


Best regards,


JD Smith
Lead Web Developer
Quest Online, LLC.


Issue #01

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First Gameplay Video of Alganon

Hot Topics

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- JD Smith: The Features of MyAlganon

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Forum Discussions


- MyAlganon Beta launches today!

- First gameplay video of Alganon

- Alganon Beta Access Event

- Community Roundtable No. 4, 5 & 6

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Featured Interviews


"The First Viable Alternative to WoW"



Alganon Status Interview



Member of the Month

Vanpry brings with him an interesting style and community spirit that is sure to get you more involved in his discusisons. Similar to many in the forums, his first MMO was UO.


"I've been gaming since the early 80's. I discovered UO from a friend in '98 and have been playing MMOs every since. What I am hoping for is Alganon has a challenging and rewarding crafting system. The joy of the journey is what I want to experience most of all though."


To learn more about Vanpry, click here!

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