Jan 2009

Issue #00

Monthly News

Community Roundtable No. 1

Our first community roundtable is live! With this feature we are focusing on key questions you have has asked in our forums. This will be a regular feature, so check the forums to participate in the next round!

An intro to my design secrets

QOL's Lead Data Designer writes a blog about introducing himself and what are some of the day-to-day decisions designers have to make when, well, designing. He plans on writing many more blogs on his design secrets. Check it out!

A journey of a thousand miles

With our Community & PR Manager recently joining the QOL team, Mathew Anderson shares with the community how he came to arrive at the career of his dreams, and what he intends to part to the community from his experiences and passion.

Alganon FAQ update

The FAQ has been updated! We took a good look at the current Q&A and updated much of the FAQ to help reflect the current phase of Alganon development we are in. Take a gander and if any new questions of your own come to mind, feel free to ask us in our forums!

New Years update

In the first developer blog to kick off the new year, creator of Alganon and President of Quest Online, LLC., David Allen, shares with the community the team's vision and future of Alganon.

Welcome letter from the QOL team

Our welcome letter to the community for their interest in Alganon and what we are developing for the game at Quest Online.

Featured Article

Welcome to the official launch of the Alganon community!


This launch signifies the beginning of the Alganon launch process, starting with new details, screenshots, videos, music, blogs, interviews, and more.


It has been a long and interesting road the Quest Online team has traveled to get this point. Countless monsters and other dangers struck us at every turn, but we fought them off as we continued on the path to develop what we are confident will be the next MMO you enjoy; Alganon.


A team just a bit smaller than the Verizon mobile team has built an MMO that not only shares the familiar, but also contains many unique features. It is a mix we hope will give you what you have been looking for; a new MMO that is fun to play and expands on the things gamers want. The Quest Online development team understands common gameplay concerns, and thus has built a game that caters to a variety of players.


Alganon goes above and beyond an MMO that you share with your friends or simply play with your immediate group members. As you will see in the coming weeks, the community is our top priority. We have developed community features that bring you together in a multitude of ways. We want you to enjoy what Alganon has to offer, even when you are not in the game. In addition, QOL will launch its custom-built community system on February 1st.


It is always exciting to develop something new and fresh, but particularly exciting to see it enjoyed by the community. We will build our relationship with players using a style that is welcoming and friendly. We are creating this MMO not only because we are gamers ourselves, but for you and for those you wish to share it with. You will see us in the forums and through developer blogs as just a few of the ways we intend to show you what we are developing.


Of course all of this is leading up to the planned private and public betas, and finally the 1.0 release of Alganon later this year.


Find a comfortable place in our forums, share your thoughts and gossip with others your expectations for this upcoming MMO. We are certainly open to new gameplay recipes you wish to share with us and we are always looking for feedback on how to improve Alganon and the community surrounding it.