Alganon October Newsletter

Greetings from the QOL dev team.

Double XP/Renown Weekend!

We're having another Double XP/Renown Weekend this weekend (October 15th and 16th). During this time all experience and renown earned will be doubled! This is the perfect time to build up your characters or even get a boosted head start on a new one.

See you this weekend!

Newest Test of Faith Instance Launched!

The next phase of the Lusha'aton instances has been opened up with Test of Faith difficulty. The Mother's Chambers ToF adds new flavor to the boss fight and is well worth a look!

GM PvP/Dueling Event: October 20th - 21st

We've had many requests for another GM-killing event, so we're bringing one to you!  Come log in Thursday and Friday (20th and 21st) to challenge a GM to duels or straight-up PvP fighting.  The GMs will help with repair costs incurred through GM PvP fights, so grab your gear and give a GM a free trip to a graveyard!

Make plans now to join us!

Alganon the Comic

Alganon Fall of the Ourobani, tells the story of Banaserit, a young leader of the Ourobani. Under assault from rival factions, Banaserit seeks out a mythical weapon in a desperate attempt to secure the safety of her people. This limited edition comic reveals the series of events that lead into the upcoming Alganon expansion pack, Rise of the Ourobani.

Come Read it Online! MyAlgnaon | DC Comics

Special Offers!

Since you've already signed up for a MyAlganon account we've got some special offers for you. You will be able purchase these items in the Tribute Market!

  • Grand Elixir of Teachers
  • Rocket Moole
  • Bonecrusher Headdress
  • Exquisite Talisman of Fervor
  • Major Talisman of Resolve
  • Guild Creation Access
  • Super Pack

Start playing and take advantage of the specials!

About Alganon

Alganon is a fantasy-based MMORPG that allows thousands of people to play together in a virtual world that features a rich history dominated by commanding deities, powerful weapons and armor, deadly magic, epic quests, ancient places to discover, the utilization of detailed tradeskills, and more. Designed from scratch and based in a uniquely created world, the goal in designing Alganon is to provide "Simple Gameplay with Unlimited Growth in a massive world of immersion and interaction."

Part of achieving this goal was to create a game that is easy for anyone to play, but also to build the game so that even the most skilled and hardcore gamer has the potential to grow beyond their expectations. A world where the casual and hardcore gamer alike can adventure, grow, and share their accomplishments with each other.

Our development team at Quest Online have designed everything from the ground up, tailored to feedback from the community about what you want to see in an MMO. While it can be difficult to select new games worthy of our time with so many prominent MMOs on the market, we have sculpted Alganon to be the game you do not have to dedicate all of your time to. We have implemented a system where your character evolves even when you aren't playing.

Game Features

  • Adventure together with thousands of other players simultaneously.
  • Journey through an epic world filled with dungeons of different styles and depths.
  • Explore two massive continents and their huge capital cities, which serve as major hubs for the races inhabiting them.
  • Choose from two races with all new character models!
  • Choose to play as a Champion, Reaver, Magus, Mystic, Cabalist or Ranger.
  • Encounter hundreds of interactive characters and monsters.
  • Learn the continuing story of Alganon by completing a wide variety of challenging quests.
  • Test your skills against other players with non-lethal dueling.
  • Fight to the death against your faction's enemies in our fully integrated Towers and Keeps world PvP system.
  • Gain power in PvP, access new armor, weapons and equipment as you level up your Renown.
  • Practice various trade skills to help locate reagents, make and enhance custom items, acquire wealth through trade with other players, and more.
  • A robust guild system with extensive management ability for community managers to establish rewards and ranks to suit their own tastes.
  • Enjoy hundreds of hours of gameplay with new quests, items, and adventures in static and instance areas.
  • Buy items, beef up your character etc using the Tribute micro-transaction system.

With much more to come, there has never been a better time to enter the world of Alganon.

Join Today, Play Forever!


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