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Alganon is now a Comic Book! - Klazgon Return to Top


Alganon Fall of the Ourobani, tells the story of Banaserit, a young leader of the Ourobani. Under assault from rival factions, Banaserit seeks out a mythical weapon in a desperate attempt to secure the safety of her people. This limited edition comic reveals the series of events that lead into the upcoming Alganon...  [more]

Pondering Minds want to know - Issy Return to Top


Soooo. Hanv't seen an update on the dev side so figured I would ask. How goes things with expansion? I know still might be a bit early but the boards have been way to quiet. and since it hasn't been done in some time HERE talrok talrok talrok.  [more]

PaySafe Card? - nitro912gr Return to Top


Hello there, I just recently started playing in EU server and I wanted to buy some items with the micro-transaction system of the game, but here the problem. I don't have a credit card and as I have seen the game cards that are supported are not available in Greece. Any changes that PaySafe cards will be added as...  [more]

Can't play - nitro912gr Return to Top


I log in game, I pick my character and then click to connect, but it stays there. I have tried a lot of times and even created a new character to try with him as well, no progress. Anybody else is having this problem? I play in Aeon.  [more]

Role Playing in Alganon? - nitro912gr Return to Top


Hello, I joined recently and I really like this game, it somehow brings back the good Vanilla WoW days and this is good for me. I don't see many people around however and I wonder if Aeon server is empty after all :( Also I'm very interested in RP and I'm looking for other players in Aeon to have some RP around the...  [more]

Start, Play, Loading, Crash - Aremos Return to Top


I have a big problem. Iv'e just downloaded and installed the beta, updated and all. When i open the game, the little start box comes. When i press "Play" it starts loading. After a few seconds in closes, and i get the error message. Computer Build is : Memory : 4Gb PC26200 CPU : AMD...  [more]

Help - Can't stop yelling - Draevin Return to Top


I typed /yell at one point during the game, and now all of my conversation in game is done through yelling. How do I turn it off and speak normally again?  [more]

What a Lag? - Gnoll Return to Top


There is a massive lag in game (EU). I can't even hit the mobs. Mostly i kill mobs when my health goes down to critical level, and i saw only 5 person online (including me). I don't think it is user-side problem.  [more]

Servers down? - Lukather Return to Top


Can get as far as character list page on Aeon, choosing a character and "Play Alganon" result in a long wait and "connecting to.." message. That's about it. Tried switching to US server - window doesn't even list it at all, pressing "cancel" bring the "you have been disconnected from server" message. Of course,...  [more]

hereeeee talrok talrok talrok - Issy Return to Top


Go take your towers back we promise not to defend them. :)  [more]