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Suggestions on how to improve

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Posted 03 February 2011 - 09:31 AM

Hey, here's some things i've noticed so far which could be changed to make
crafting a little bit more enjoyable.

1st of all, Distribute the ressources (ores/herbs) more evenly between both continents. As it is right now, Kujix are pretty much fked since they don't have a single decent spot to gather either Ores or Herbs. On the other hand, Asharr have a nice little spot, south-west of Asheran where there's tons of Tier 1 / 2 Herbs and Iron, guarded by either nothing or level 7ish enemies ...

2nd lower the craft time on all recipies down to 1s, i can understand that the process of making a weapon is probably complexer and takes longer than making ingots out of some ore, but does that really matter in this game ? All we're doing is stare at the progress bar, to fill up. Some of the Ingots/Skins or Herbs also take 3s to craft if i'm not mistaken that's really fun staring at the progress bar for 5 minutes just cuz u wanted to get rid of your mats.

3rd, sort the recipies by Crafter Level instead of Name as it's currently handled. It's rather annoying to have to scroll through the endless list of recipies just to find the one you were looking for.

4th, make those epic recipies that drop inside the instances not BoP (plx). This one has already been suggested, liked it tho so i'd love to see it make it into the game.

5th, make the crafting/dialogs etc re-sizeable and moveable. Not much of an importance to this one, just personal preference.

6th, adjust the worth of the Ores/Herbs. For both professions you've got to do the same thing, click on a node and wait 2 seconds, yet the Tier 5 ore nets you 10s or so when selling it to an npc, the tier 5 herb on the other hand nets you the same 2c you get for a T1, if you refine them they're worth at least 1s but that can't compare to the Ore at all ...
(doesnt fit here, but i kinda got the impression alot that tons of stuff here has simply been copy&pasted and then not adjusted according to the level throughout the whole game no matter, if it's drop rate of items, stats on mobs/items, or the price of ressources)

that's it for now i think. if i stumble across more stuff that i'd like to see changed, i'll let you know.

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