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Posted 16 November 2010 - 03:21 AM

The way I pictured the Champion is a fighter who can tank regardless of his spec. Protection holds the primary function of overall party tank. Spellsword could be the one that can take a bit more punishment from spells and can be the tank that can stop enemy from casting spells better and be able to put some ouchies from range. I'm just here to give an opinion if I may

Spellsword: The tank that holds the most utility. He can be a dpser or a tank depending on which role needs a fixing.

Cloaking Device: I'd like to suggest that Cloaking Device be a buff you can put on yourself or an ally. So in case you're tanking and a dpser just refuses to manage his own threat voila you can put a Cloaking Device on him saving him from death and a waste of healer's mana

Firewolf: How about this. When summoned in Power Stance he will deliver substantial damage. But when you summon him in Defensive Stance, any threat he generates will be added to your own, kind of like a tank pet that "fetches" your threat and helps in generating threat when you're main tank or off tank. (pit bull's master has responsibility kind of ordeal for making neighbor's pet cat into a chew toy). This means your Firewolf could go hounding on some archer or caster far away who's not in your herded group of enemies and keep them from attacking your healers

Weaponry seems okay as Champ/Reaver's damage dealing tree.

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