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Profession Limits?

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Posted 14 July 2009 - 05:48 PM

I see that we are limited to two professions here, similar to just about any other mmorpg out there. However thankfully we are free to choose which two and they aren't grouped. I would have actually preferred the crafting system of Runes of Magic, where you can learn ALL the professions and complete all of them to a "master" type level, but can only choose one of those to carry on to an "artisan" level. Oh well. I suppose having two unattached to eachother is good. It will just mean I'll have to continue my alt habit so I can have all the professions done. I long for a game one day where I can be a crafter and eventually learn ALL professions. I'm a roleplayer so sometimes it gets hard to keep the personalities of six people straight in my head. Then of course I have to make backstories for all of them and such. But that's just me. I'm whacky that way. I can't have mindless drones running around. They have to be fully fleshed out people or I just don't have fun.

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Posted 02 August 2009 - 10:26 PM

They may be unattached, but then again many games out there have this same ideal. In saying that though there are generally classes out there that go well together. In WoW there are not many blacksmiths who don't choose mining, or leatherworkers who don't have skinning. My inscriber can't live without herbalism, well I guess you could say that I could but it would make life alot harder.

I must admit that there are people with some wierd combos out there but the majority would take the safe and easy path.

The learning all crafts is something I loved in Horizons, the bad part is it can destroy the markets if everyone can do everything. Although in EQ2 I just had 9 characters that covered all 9 different crafts.
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